Small Cars: $795
Sedans: $820
Small SUV’s/2 door Trucks: $980
Medium SUV, Truck, Crossover/2 door Trucks: $1147.50
Large SUV’s/Vans/Large 4 door Trucks: $1315
X-Large SUV/Large 4 door Trucks: $1492.50


  • Titanium/Ceramic Coating (3 Years Of Protection Against UV Rays And Environmental Pollutants)
  • 8H Rated Pro Paint Coating Offers Great Self Cleaning Properties, Super Hydrophobic And Basic Protection
  • High Candy Gloss And Deep Color Finish For That Warm Wet Look!
  • Paint Correction 1 Stage (Moderate Swirlmark/Scratch Removal)
  • Additional Charge For Paint Correction 2 Stage If Needed
  • Foam Cannon Pre-soak & Rinse
  • Two Bucket Multi-Mitt Wash (Scratch Free Wash)
  • Iron Removal, Snow Foam Decontamination And Strip Wash
  • Remove Mild/Moderate Road Tar & Bonded Contaminates From Paint And Glass (Clay Bar)
  • Optional Charge For Removal Of Heavily Bonded Contaminates
  • Dry (Plush Microfiber Towels)
  • De-Grease & Dress Tires (No Sling Water Based Formula)
  • Clean Wheels
  • Clean Door Jambs & Sills


  • Basic Vacuum Interior Carpet & Trunk
  • Wipe Down Dash/Console & Door Panels Plus UV Protection
  • Wipe Down Leather, Fabric, Upholstery And Floor Mats
  • Clean Windows
  • Scent & Fragrance Free
  • Brand New Car Experience

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